Stellar Phoenix JPEG Photo Repair|Fix and Recover Corrupted Files

Stellar Phoenix JPEG repair software can repair all damaged or corrupted photos, images, and pictures of JPEG file format. The original image is never modified or edited.  Bad image files can be repaired and recovered from flash drives, memory cards, PC hard drives, and other storage devices.

Windows Version 

Mac Version

Done in 3 Simple Steps

  • Scan
  • Preview
  • Repair

What is The Guarantee That Your Corrupt JPEG Photos Will Be Repaired With This Software?

Once you can see the preview of the corrupted or damaged files, then the software will surely 100% repair them.

Mistakes Do Happen

Humans are prone to make mistakes, more so when it involves working with computers. You can delete the folder containing your vital and precious photographs if you select it by mistake and click on the `delete' key. Although you can retrieve the deleted folder from the trash bin in such a scenario, you cannot recover the deleted folder if you use the combination of `shift' + `delete.'

How Data is Saved or Deleted

Apart from this, you face the risk of losing data stored on your computer's hard disk drive (HDD) if you do not defragment it on a regular basis. Each time you delete any data from the HDD, space (cluster) occupied by the same remains blank. The next time you save any file on the HDD, the operating system saves it on the first empty cluster. If the file size is bigger than that cluster, it saves a part of that file on the first available free sector and the remainder on the next free cluster. When the HDD is fragmented too much, it saves data over several blank sectors. Oftentimes this leads to corrupted files, which you might not be able to open in the future.

Stellar Comes to the Rescue

You might be thinking how can I fix damaged photos when you face such a situation. You need not worry as you can easily recover the lost images with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery software, arguably the best program that allows users to repair corrupted jpeg files.

No doubt, you can get your deleted photographs restored by hiring the services of a professional. However, is there any logic behind wasting your money and time when you can complete the same process at a fraction of the cost charged by the professional with the help of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery? If you do not believe this statement, download a trial version of the Stellar Phoenix Jpeg Repair program from the official website of Stellar, the industry leader in data recovery programs.

Windows Version

Mac Version


How It Works

Install it, launch it, and follow onscreen instructions. You will be amazed to see how quickly Stellar Phoenix Jpeg Repair 2 (this is the latest version and contains more features than the previous release), locates deleted or corrupted photographs on your hard disk drive.

What the Trial Version Allows You to Do

Unfortunately, the trial version only allows you to see the recoverable images, but will not allow you to complete the restoration process. You have to purchase a license and register the software for restoring the images. No doubt, several sites offer the option of jpeg repair online but they cannot restore highly corrupted files as well as the quality of the restored file is not up to the mark.

Its Efficiency

The jpeg repair software from Stellar scans the entire HDD in a couple of minutes, is much faster when compared with similar programs offered by other companies, and repair photos quickly and efficiently. You might be thinking how can I recover photos from a corrupted memory card. You can depend on Stellar Jpeg Repair program for this purpose.

How to fix corrupted video files

You can depend on Stellar Phoenix Video Repair Software to recover corrupted or deleted videos. The software scans the corrupted images and fixes the same using advanced and intelligent algorithms that checks the data structure of the damaged file, makes changes as and when required to restore your videos to their pristine glory.


You do not need to bother about how to repair corrupted files after recovery. In case you have deleted the video file by mistake, the software by Stellar first examines the HDD for the file, recovers it, and then repairs it so that you can view it or save it on some other media. Never attempt to repair the corrupted files from websites that offer file repair online. Apart from taking ages to fix files, certain dubious sites attach viruses to your files that can delete the files in your HDD permanently. Visit online forums dedicated to hardware and software maintenance if you still have any doubts about the capability of data recovery software by Stellar. You will find many people asking how do I fix a corrupted file. The experts of those forums invariably suggest them to use.


Look no further than Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery for iPhone if you are wondering how can you get your pictures back on your iPhone. You can find detailed information regarding how to repair corrupted jpeg files on Stellar's website. Instead of depending on jpg file repair online sites, rely on Stellar if you are wondering how do I fix my photo library. Voted by leading software review sites as the best file repair software, year after year, and the winner of several awards, including the CIO Choice 2017 Award, Stellar has been helping millions of people to repair corrupted jpeg files, and repair corrupted png files on both Windows and Mac platforms. Try it today and join the millions of satisfied customers who depend on Stellar programs for data recovery.

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